♦ Made for Ludum Dare 45 COMPO in 48 hours. ♦

♦ Theme: Start With Nothing

♦ 3rd place in Mood - category !

Arrows: MOVE ♦
Space : BOOST
R: Reset (counts as death)
Q: Quit
Enter/L.Mouse: Advance the story segments

Your goal is to gather all the shards and return them to the mask.

Some players may need a little adjusting to the unusual control-scheme of the game.

You’ll be better off by TAPPING the keys, instead of holding them.

Also by pressing down you can both fall down faster, and slow down your momentum when knocking upwards from the ground.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

This is the original gamejam version made in october 2019.

I might continue development someday if there's interest. The full version would obviously be more polished, and include more levels, expanded story, powerups, multiple control schemes and tweaks.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

NOTICE: Some special graphical effects don't work in the browser-version, so try the desktop version for a more "immersive experience".


Tabula Rasa.zip 38 MB


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I didn't finish it but I did put it in a little showcase LP! 


Cool game and cool art style. It's really impressive for a 48 hour game! My only complaint is I found the movement was too hard to control and as a result not very fun. That was probably a purposeful design choice but it's just not what I enjoy.

Anyway, keep up what you're doing!


I really love the art style in the game  especially the start, the game plays well also the more you play the more you can tell that you're getting better at manipulating your bouncing dot. Story is a bit confusing and doesn't really tell you much of anything has a bit of a foreboding feel with the mask but not too much in this demoish release. The noise at the start though I think is supposed to add to the foreboding feel but man does it get annoying xD it's definitely cool to see someone putting a new twist on a momentum game though. my play through here: